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Speaking in Tongues is a language translator that aims at breaking language barriers. We offer a range of services….

We Grant You Access to So Many Languages

From Translation and Interpreting to Editing, Proofreading, Subtitling, Language proficiency evaluations, Voice-overs and Transcriptions. We grant you access to so many languages and help you communicate effectively with foreigners.

Beyond being a multi-language-oriented company, we also offer rental services and training services in many fields. We work with professional linguists and tutors who the National Accreditation Authority has accredited for Translators and Interpreters Ltd.

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What We Offer

We offer the following services:

Corporate Services

We offer various corporate services, and these services aim to provide an effective and efficient means of communication. For instance, we offer language training services not just for foreigners but also for people who speak English. We ensure optimal proficiency in your language of choice, English or a foreign language. Our training courses include diverse languages such as French, Russian, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, and English.

Cultural Services

Beyond our corporate services, we also offer cultural services, and these services include cooking workshops and calligraphy workshops. For instance, calligraphy instructions are one of the services we offer concerning cultural appreciation. We offer you the opportunity to indulge yourself in that activity you’ve always wanted to try out. We have tutors who will educate you in the art of calligraphy and help you develop your calligraphy skills.

Translation services


Speaking in Tongues offers translation services that are carried out by both NAATI and Non-NAATI approved translators. NAATI-approved translators are transistors that have been accredited by NAATI, while Non-NAATI translators have not undergone any professional approval tests by NAATI.

New language

Corporate Training

At Speaking in Tongues, we offer language-related corporate training for our employees and the employees of companies that need their employees to acquire knowledge of a new language. A company looking to expand its customer base to another continent or country can contact us. We would be responsible for educating the employees on the significant cultural aspects of that new country—factors ranging from religion to norms to taboos to general ways of life.

Private purposes

Room Hire

Beyond our aim of breaking language barriers, we also offer room hire services. We have rooms for rent for corporate or private purposes. Our training rooms are well equipped and structured to cater to small meetings or workshops of not less than six people. These rooms are located in a secure and easily accessible environment.

Friendly environment

Fun Courses

Speaking in Tongues also offers courses that help both the adult and the child relax and unwind after a busy day. For instance, there is a cooking class. The training is carried out in a conducive and friendly environment with maximum emphasis on communication between the tutor and the participants. This class is suitable for people who enjoy cooking.

Location : We are in Australia.