Speaking in Tongues


About Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues is an independent multilingual organisation to make communication between countries easier. We offer language-related solutions to multilingual problems.

We offer a wide range of services such as transcription, translation, interpretation, subtitling, editing, web localisation, and many other services to not just people in Sydney, Australia but also to people worldwide. It has been made possible through the use of Skype and other audio-visual communication devices. Our courses have been made available to everyone who has an interest in languages.

Beyond being a multi-language-oriented company, we also offer rental services and training services in many fields. We work with professional linguists and tutors who the National Accreditation Authority has accredited for Translators and Interpreters Ltd.

There is an emphasis on professionalism and maximum quality of work done. We also offer cultural briefing and education services where we educate travellers and immigrants interested in learning about a foreign culture. The cultural enthusiasts are equipped with basic to advanced foreign communication skills and knowledge of the norms, values and etiquette of the foreign country.

We provide both online and offline language training services. Our values include but are not limited to, the following:


At Speaking in Tongues, we ensure that all our employees are people with integrity and ensure that all our dealings are carried out with integrity.


We also ensure that the people in our employ are passionate about language. Passion is an excellent source of motivation, and a devoted person would deliver an efficiently done job.

Quality Service

We also ensure that the services we provide are of optimal quality. We understand that for communication to be effective, it has to be complete. No word has to be left out in the translations or transcriptions we carry out. We also ensure that all our written pieces are well edited and proofread to ensure quality.


At Speaking in Tongues, we ensure that we prioritise professionalism. However, this doesn’t result in a strict and overly formal environment. Instead, we have found a way to balance professionalism with cheer and a conducive learning environment.


Our mission at Speaking in Tongues is to bring humans across the world together by breaking communication barriers. Our translation and interpretation services aim at that.


Our vision is to be the leading language translation and interpretation company in Australia. We also aim to educate people on a vast number of cultures, thereby reducing ethnocentrism as it is. We also aim to provide other relaxation services such as our fun courses.