Speaking in Tongues

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services

We offer various corporate services, and these services aim to provide an effective and efficient means of communication in the following aspects:

Language Training

We offer language training services not just for foreigners but also for people who speak English. We ensure optimal proficiency in your language of choice, English or a foreign language. Our training courses include diverse languages such as French, Russian, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, and English. This service is also available to corporations. Corporations now can offer services to not just people who speak their language but also foreigners who need their products or services. Speaking in tongues helps bridge communication gaps both in the corporate and individual world.

Language Evaluation

Speaking in tongues offers language evaluation services for those who wish to determine their proficiency in the language of their choice. For those who engage in our language training courses, there is a service that helps you keep track of your desired language progress. These tests are taken at your own pace. The evaluation is conducted in English and the foreign languages we offer. Where companies wish to evaluate their workers’ progress who are learning a foreign language, there are services in place that make this evaluation easier.

Language Tutoring

We offer offline services in the form of one-on-one language tutorials at our Sydney office. These tutorials are tailored to fit into your everyday life. We guarantee professionalism in a friendly and well-conditioned environment. Free materials that would make learning easier would also be made available. The languages available are English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabian, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Greek, and Vietnamese.

Cultural Briefing

Our cultural briefing program helps our clients understand the culture of their desired environment and adapt to it and find a way to cope with the cultural differences they might experience. It also aims to make it easier for our clients to deal with diverse cultures, thereby strengthening their customer service base.

Language Recruitment

Speaking in tongues offers services on behalf of agencies or human resource departments who wish to include language requirements in their recruitment processes. Oral or written language tests are conducted for the candidates, and the results are adequately documented and sent to the company.

Bilingual Staff

Our bilingual staff function as assistants to tour guides; communicating effectively with tourists, translators at company meetings between company workers who have a basic understanding of the spoken language and other staff members, and can handle negotiations between organisations that don’t speak the same language.

Skype Lessons

Skype has made it easy for our reach to grow beyond Australia. We now offer services to various people in various countries across the world. Language lessons are tailored to suit the schedule of both the trainers and the students.

Training Overseas Staff

Speaking in tongues offers language training services on skype or other audio-visual platforms to make communication easier for newly relocated foreign countries.