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Our Corporate Training Services

At Speaking in Tongues, we offer language-related corporate training for our employees and the employees of companies that need their employees to acquire knowledge of a new language. A company looking to expand its customer base to another continent or country can contact us. We would be responsible for educating the employees on the significant cultural aspects of that new country—factors ranging from religion to norms to taboos to general ways of life.

We offer periodic evaluations to find out if progress is being made or not. In cases where there’s difficulty grasping what is being taught, we understand that we would have to start over and take it slower this time. Our professional trainers are skilled not just at interested training participants but also at recognising their individual needs and learning capacity.

These corporate training services aim to better customer service, especially in a community where there are diverse cultures. The employees interacting with the clients of diverse cultures would need to understand the various communities’ cultural differences and norms.

The services we offer include:

Cultural Briefing and Education

This offer is available to employees that would be relocating before work purposes. When a company decides to expand its customer base beyond web localisation and establish a physical branch in a foreign country, you can contact. We ensure that the employees transplanted are prepared for the stark change in culture.

Understanding the new country’s culture would make it easier for the employees to adapt, but it would also improve sales. People generally have been known to relate well with people they can effectively communicate with.

The cultural briefing would help employees in foreign countries expand their customer base. When indigents notice that foreigners have gone to extra length to understand and assimilate their culture, they become friendlier.

Language Training and Language Tutoring

We also help them overcome communication problems by providing them with a basic to advanced language tutorial. They can also opt for the traveller’s course, a summarised version with less emphasis on the in-depth aspects of that culture. Language Training and Tutoring is not necessary for just employees who have direct contact with a large client base, but for everyone in the corporate field.

A scientist that wants to experiment in a different country has to learn the culture of that new country. For countries that want to collaborate scientifically, the best way forward would be for one of the countries to understand the other’s language for effective communication and progress.

Language Proficiency Evaluation

At subsequent intervals, tests are carried out to discover and keep track of the employees’ progress. It evaluates the employees’ language processing capacity and determines how tutorials would be carried out. It is also to discover the weak points of the employees or the participants.