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Cultural Services

Our Cultural Services

Beyond our corporate services, we also offer cultural services, and these services include:

Cooking Workshop

We can achieve cultural satisfaction and appreciation by trying out the meals of various cultures. At Speaking in Tongues, we offer you the opportunity to learn how to cook Vietnamese meals and Thai, Korean and Japanese meals. Participants of the workshops are taught to make the meals most particular to the cultures mentioned earlier.

These are meals that are commonly served in restaurants in these countries. Since food is a universal language, it only fits to use food to understand and appreciate the cultures of those we share our world with. The workshops are introductory and comprehensive enough to accommodate anyone.

Wedding Speech

We offer services to lovers who speak different languages. If you would love to impress your partner by reciting your vows to them in their native language, you’ve come to the right place. Our translation package includes translating from your spoken language to the language of your choice and delivering both the written and audio translated pieces. The audio version is to help you practice your pronunciations. There is also a package that involves providing a personal language trainer to help with the translated pieces’ pronunciation.

Intercultural Workshop

Intercultural workshops are workshops that equip the participants with the knowledge and understanding of a newly encountered culture. It aims to avoid ethnocentrism as well as helps the participants to understand cultures different from their own. Speaking in Tongues offers this workshop to participants who are new to a particular culture and would like to take the time to understand and assimilate this new culture.

Travel Workshop

We offer services for individuals who do not have the time to learn about the culture of their choice slowly. It is a summary workshop for individuals who have to learn about a particular culture faster. The class size is small enough to entertain interaction between the participants and the tutor. The languages offered include Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, and Korean. The aspects of the culture to be learned are language, food, heritage, and a dress code. The purpose of this workshop is to provide general knowledge to the participants.

Cultural Consultation

Speaking in Tongues provides cultural knowledge to people who wish to learn more about a particular culture. We provide information about cultural norms, taboos, etiquette, values, and other vital aspects of a specific culture. This service can be provided online or in person.

Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy instructions are one of the services we offer concerning cultural appreciation. We offer you the opportunity to indulge yourself in that activity you’ve always wanted to try out. We have tutors who will educate you in the art of calligraphy and help you develop your calligraphy skills. We also offer calligraphy services for social events such as weddings. Speaking in Tongues can provide beautifully handwritten invitation cards for wedding and other personal events.