Speaking in Tongues

Fun Courses

Our Fun Courses

Speaking in Tongues also offers courses that help both the adult and the child relax and unwind after a busy day. The courses include:

Cooking Class

A range of cultural food recipes is collated and taught to the participants of this class. The training is carried out in a conducive and friendly environment with maximum emphasis on communication between the tutor and the participants. This class is suitable for people who enjoy cooking. The recipes are essential and easy to understand and work with for beginners as well as experienced cooks.

Flower Arranging

Flower Arranging is a fun course for aesthetically inclined people who also enjoy horticulture. At Speaking in Tongues, we have access to a wide range of flowers. There is an introduction to flower arrangement where the tutor educated the participants on the colours and types of flowers that make a good colour and scent scheme and the ones that don’t.

Under the guidance of the tutor, the participants are taken to the garden and are shown the flowers to pluck and work with. They are also taught the different flower arrangements for the various social events ranging from weddings to funerals to inductions.

IT-Related Course

This course is for people who are technologically inclined or tech-savvy individuals. There’s a provision for Google analytics, which is a tool that helps you keep track of as well as report website traffic.

There is also a photography class for beginners. Individuals who are interested in photography sign up for this class. The basics of photography include composition, exposure triangle, rule of thirds, golden ratio and colour theory. There’s also a Video Making course for beginners. 

Language Course for Kids

This language course for kids is available to kids from the age of 5-8 years.

The requirement is little to no knowledge of the language to be learned. The languages range from Cantonese to Vietnamese, Korean, German, Japanese, Croatian, Indonesian, Russian, Thai, and Dutch. There are also provisions for the kids to learn creative writing, musical instrument learning, and public speaking.

Makeup Class

This class provides tutorials for beginners who are interested in learning the art of makeup.  There’s a section for a personal makeup course where the participants are taught the rudiments of makeup. There is provision for face painting for children. Children and adults alike can learn this art.

Music Class

There is a package at Speaking in Tongues that provides a way to become active in these areas for those who enjoy making and listening to music. Participants can learn to DJ, play the violin or guitar and also learn to sing in the process. There are voice training classes and classes that introduce participants to music’s rudiments, such as a key signature.

Social Painting Workshop

If you have ever been fascinated by the art of painting, then this is the course for you. At Speaking in Tongues, the opportunity to learn to paint in a friendly and judgment-free environment is offered.