Speaking in Tongues


Our Translation Services

Speaking in Tongues offers translation services that are carried out by both NAATI and Non-NAATI approved translators. NAATI-approved translators are transistors that have been accredited by NAATI, while Non-NAATI translators have not undergone any professional approval tests by NAATI. However, the two classes of translators are both experienced and provide quality services. NAATI-approved translators are used for government-related translation jobs such as immigration and translation during negotiations or meetings between government delegates who speak different languages.

Our translation services include:

  • Translation of all written communication forms such as letters, certificates, scientific research, academic papers, and literary works.
  • Proofreading and editing of the translate works. This process is to ensure the credibility and quality of the translated pieces.
  • Translation of legal documents such as affidavits


Speaking in Tongues offers a wide range of interpretation services carried out by NAATI-approved interpreters. Our interpretation services can be used in the formal or informal setting, ranging from meetings between government agencies or delegates that speak different languages to casual events such as weddings. Our translators can appear physically at your conferences or handle your interpreting needs online. We also provide trilingual services. It gives room for communication with a more diverse crowd.


We understand that words are just as important as images. We provide submitting services to the entertainment industry to translate spoken words into text and then into the desired language. It is to garner a broader audience that won’t be limited by language.

Editing Services

We offer editing and proofreading services to both individuals and companies all over the country. We thoroughly scrutinise all forms of legal communication to ensure that the errors are minimal to non-existent. Editing and proofreading services include but are not limited to academic papers, academic research, press releases, brochures, funding applications, website contents, essay write-ups, and annual reports.

Voice Over

Our voice-over services offer diverse options ranging from accent choice to language choice to gender preference. We not only provide this range of options but also provide translation services in this context. There is a whole package for Voiceover clientele, and it includes providing voice-over artists, translating where needed, and completing the voice overproduction.

Web Localisation

Are you looking to localise your website? Speaking in Tongues offers website localisation services. Are you looking to expand your customer base by developing and localising a website? We create content that would appeal to the cultural instincts of the target market. Provide us with a “mirror” site, a username, and a password, and we will get the job done.  We offer a range of languages for website localisation.


Our transcription services are available in English as well as in a range of other languages. Speaking in Tongues is the place to be if you need a video or audio converted to written form. The result is delivered promptly, with minimal to non-existent errors. We can also add transcription to a video as subtitles.